Deeds recorded

The following deeds were reported as recorded by the office of Marion County Register of Deeds:

Jeanne A. Blue, trustee to Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters, Inc., trustee's deed; SW/4, 35-18-5, except.

Mark A. Brown and wife to Jason D. Plett and wife, WD; S 10' Lot 4, all Lot 5, and N/2 Lot 6, Blk. 2, Penner's Addn., Hillsboro.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Nick Peter, WD; pt. NW/4, 36-20-3.

Paul R. Morse and wife to Allen Church DBA Al's Home Repair, WD; S 92'4" Lots 1, 2, and 3, Blk. 6, Beebe's Addn., Marion.

Marion County Commissioners to Patrick Clay White and wife, QCD; Tract 1: Row along S/2, 31-22-4; Tract 2: Row along N/2, 6-22-4.

Arlie E. Overton and wife to Arlie's, Inc., WD; Lots 7, 8, 23, and 24, Blk. 1, Beebe's Addn., Marion.

Robert C. Forsythe and wife to Dwaine Roger Perkins Jr. and wife, WD; Lot 13, Funk's Addn. Hillsboro.

Harlin D. Unruh and wife to Harlin D. Unruh et al, co-trustees, QCD; und. 1/2 interest N/2, 34-21-2.

Sheila Mercer and husband to Andrew Brown, QCD; Lots 26, 27, and 28, Blk. 5, Original Town, Ramona.

Dynamite Bail Bonds to Arnold J. Jagt, QCD; N. 48' Lot 4, Blk. 15, North Peabody Addn., Peabody.

Dynamite Bail Bonds to Arnold L. Jagt, QCD; Lots 1-5 inclusive, exc., and Lots 16-20 inclusive, Reserve A, exc., Highland Addn., Peabody.