Days of Yore

10 years ago

january 8, 1998

Several friends of Jim and Marilyn Cox met at the Turkey Red restaurant for an evening of good food and fellowship on Monday evening, Jan. 5. The occasion was to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

Emily Fowler, a 1997 graduate of North Texas College of Music has recently been selected to join the U.S. Navy Concert and Ceremonial Band as principal harpist. Ms. Fisher is the daughter of Dennis and Janet Fisher of Denton, Texas, and granddaughter of Douglas and Betty Fisher, Haven.

Diane and Graeme Glazer recently returned from a trip to the Phoenix, Ariz., area. They made the trip to support the Kansas State Wildcats in their Fiesta Bowl victory.

25 years ago

december 23, 1982

Tom Grimwood, a soil agronomist working in Bolivia, talked to the Peabody Kiwanis Club Dec. 15. His work involves soil analysis and giving fertilizer recommendations.

Mrs. Dorothy Craig entertained friends at dinner Saturday night. Her guests were Art Stallwitz, Mrs. Marcia Murray of Haywood, Calif., Mr. and Mrs. Hartman Baker, and Mrs. Bernice Jessen.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanneman celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary Dec. 16.

50 years ago

december 19, 1957

Mrs. Joe Gibson, the former Marion Marguerite Draper, died early Tuesday morning at the Norton State Hospital where she had been a patient since Dec. 7, 1955. She is survived by her husband, Joe, three children, Janice Marie, 11, Mildred Joy, 8, and Joseph Dale, 6.

Jack Kirkpatrick, star of the Peabody Warriors basketball team, is a member of the freshman squad at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, this year.

Mrs. Lucy Clausen left for Topeka Tuesday to spend the holiday season at the home of her son, Dr. Robert and Mrs. Stroud.

100 years ago

december 25, 1907

Kansas is enjoying beautiful weather this week.

C.E. Westbrook and wife entertained at dinner yesterday. Willis Westbrook and children, W.T. Knight and family, Roy Westbrook and family and Sherwood Noll and family.

Mrs. Ben Dohner, in her little bob sleigh, went to the missionary meeting last Thursday, with four other women, and on the way tipped them out of her little bob sleigh. But they got to the meeting all OK, ate their homes on that winter day; the rest of the tale is too sad to say. The snow had melted and would not stay, the single trees loosened and broke away, so they walked a mile through the miry clay, thus endeth the tale of the little bob sleigh.

125 years ago

december 28, 1882

The Ladies Building Association will give a public supper on Monday evening, New Year's at the Presbyterian church. The supper including oysters, will be served for 50c a ticket. Fruit, confectionery, etc., will add to the variety of the table. Proceeds for the benefit of the building fund.

While a dance was in progress at Walton, some thieves stole two fine horses one belonging to Homer Morrison, living west of town and one to a young man by the name of Griffith, near Walton. Also two good overcoats, one belonging to John Gibbs and the other to Bert Case. Mr. Morrison offers a $50 reward and Mr. Griffith offers a $20 for recovery of the animals.

A skating rink of formally opened in this city on Christmas. It will be in skating order at all times. Roller skates to rent.