Days of Yore

10 years ago

december 25, 1997

The family of Elsie Foth had an early Christmas dinner Dec. 20 in the dining room of Indian Guide. The evening was enjoyed with a delicious dinner and gift exchange.

Joan Berns accompanied the Jim Whitefield family to Fort Worth Dec. 20 and 21 to attend the graduation of her grandson Jon Whitefield from Texas Christian University. The only problem reported was wading in water over one's ankles.

Dr. and Mrs. John Durbin of Austin, Texas, and their son, Paul of Washington, D.C., were weekend guests of Betty, Ed and Tom Grimwood. John is Betty's brother.

25 years ago

december 9, 1982

Clifford Voth is the new manager of the Peabody Hotel Apartments, according to Shreves Avery. Foth has operated the laundromat in the lobby for several years.

Ron Kieferle was welcomed as the program guest last Thursday at the senior center. He played favorite tunes for the Virgil Fishers who are leaving the Peabody community, as well as other old favorites.

Mr. and Mrs. Brock Baker and Mrs. Frankie Thornton attended a 30 year class reunion at the Dodge School in Wichita. The event honored Mrs. Lillie Reed of Wichita, teacher at the school. Both Sheryl and Lynette Thornton once attended the school and had high regard for their teacher, Mrs. Reed.

50 years ago

December 5, 1957

Two men from rural Peabody area were named to posts on the Marion County Extension at a meeting last Tuesday night in Marion. Bill Logan was chosen as treasurer of the group and Charles Eberhard was named to the executive committee.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Davis and Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Kidoo drove to Meades pasture in Osborne County Monday to view the geodetic center of North America.

A squad of 26 boys has been busy preparing for the coming basketball campaigns at Peabody High School under the coaching of Bob Coffman and Don Hoch. The senior ranks include big post man Brock Baker, Luther Yakel, Kenny Guthrie, Junior Sebree, Kent Covell, and James Brewer.

100 years ago

December 12, 1907

Century club meets with Miss Anna Jones tomorrow afternoon.

Ernest Kent raised a 20 pound beet this year. Who can beat it?

Fred Jewell and wife and Fred Jewell, Jr. and family, relatives of the Jolliffes, arrived Friday from Dodgeville, Wis., to make their home here.

125 years ago

december 14, 1882

The Record reports the arrival of a hearse in Florence, lately, as "the first regular vehicle of this kind ever bought for use in this county." Off wrong, Bro. Hoch. Our undertaker, Mr. Osborne, has one which has carried passengers to "the silent city" near Peabody for nearly a year.

Mr. Jas White, living some seven miles south of town, lost his stable Sunday last. His little boy, playing with matches, set it afire. He had seen his parents build a fire outdoors the day before (to butcher) and he undertook to butcher on his own account.

I.A. Schriver ships today a hundred head of fat cattle.