Days of Yore

10 years ago

august 13, 1998

The 52nd annual Skinner reunion was held Aug. 2 at the Senior Center in Peabody. Attending were more than 50 descendants of Wm. and Margaret Skinner, who came to Kansas in a covered wagon from Iowa; and James and Amanda Skinner who moved from Iowa to La Harpe the same year.

Weekend visitors of Gary and Lou Ann Bowlin were Deanne and John Schoeninger and their baby, Tanner. They are from Wheatridge, Colo.

Georgia Lamberson, former Peabody resident, passed away at her home in Edmond, Okla., July 26.

25 years ago

july 4, 1983

Irene and Rob Hedrick, Marsha and Wendy Kientz traveled to Wichita the 21st of June to see and hear Porter Wagoner's band. Irene's niece is lead singer in the band.

Nellie Lou Holmes of Deerfield and Linda Oakes of Garden City were visitors Wednesday and Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Seibel.

Mrs. Paul Jewell was in Overland Park the past week helping care for her new grandson, Chad Patrick. Paul Jewell went after her Tuesday.

50 years ago

august 14, 1958

Sarah Heath, 72, died at her home in north Butler County Saturday. She was born Dec. 19, 1886 in Iowa.

Mrs. Esther Waymond has moved from Iola to Peabody and will make her home here in the future. She has moved her trailer house to the rear of the lots at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Tom Snavely and will make that her home.

Mrs. Susan Davis returned home Tuesday from St. Louis where she visited her son, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Davis and family.

100 years ago

july 4, 1908

The Thursday Club met last week with Mrs. Crisfield.

Strayed — Black female pig, weight about 30 pounds. Please notify Harry N. Baker.

Anybody wanted the Kansas City Star and Times for 10 cents a week, call at P.O. Book Store.

125 years ago

june 28, 1883

Mr. Amborn has our thanks for a fine cabbage, the solid part weighing over two pounds. Pretty good for June.

There will be plenty of ice water on the grounds, on the Fourth, and good stands where a lunch can be procured.

Timothy grass is being harvested. Mr. C. Mayes exhibited specimens yesterday four feet long, with heads 12 inches.

A German named David Ewert, living some five miles northeast of Hillsboro, was struck by lightning last Saturday evening and killed. He was in the act of unhitching his team; his wife came out of the house and offered to help but he told her to go in as to not get wet. She had only got a few steps from him when the strike came. The two horses were also killed instantly and a mule which formed part of the team was struck but he has strength enough to get to the stable when he, too, fell dead.