Constituents voice concerns to Moran's representative

Mitchell Hall, aid from Congressman Jerry Moran's Hays office, was in Peabody Friday to visit with constituents about concerns and issues.

A group of a dozen or so interested individuals were in attendance.

Hall presented some disturbing figures about the loss of jobs in Moran's 69-county district. He noted that 150 jobs in Rooks County will be lost when Shult, a manufactured housing company, moves from Plainville.

He also told the audience he had just received word that Tyson will be closing the beef slaughtering division at its Emporia site and laying off 1,500 workers.

He cited the lack of employment and, conversely, the lack of available skilled workers as troubling issues for the state.

On a brighter note, Bob and Leah Sellers of Florence and Terry Eberhard of Peabody were present to thank Moran for his assistance in getting funding for a flood control project for Doyle Creek Watershed. Both Bob Sellers and Eberhard are members of the watershed board of directors.

Doyle Creek Watershed is the only one in Kansas to receive project funding. They will receive $118,000 to provide technical assistance to Natural Resources Conservation Services to design the dam site, prepare mitigation plans, and move forward with permitting for the project.

The dam will be upstream from Peabody and will be a flood control structure for the city.

Members of the audience asked questions about the future of Marion Reservoir, U.S.-50 development, population drain, and development of industrial parks, business recruitment, and employee training.

Hall urged city government officials and individuals to maintain contact with Moran's office. He noted that Moran cannot help or address citizen concerns if he is not made aware of the issues facing residents of his district.

For additional information or to contact Moran's Hutchinson office at 1 N. Main, Suite 525, PO Box 1128, Hutchinson KS 67504; phone 620-665-6138; or go to his web site for an e-mail contact form.