Comprehensive plan updates begin Monday


Peabody Main Street Assn. director

The Peabody City Council meeting Monday will be the initial meeting regarding the update of the City of Peabody's comprehensive plan. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at city hall, 300 N. Walnut.

John Keller from Kansas State University will be giving a presentation at the start of the council meeting. The presentation is estimated to last one hour and will cover information about the roles of community members and community leaders in the development and implementation of the development of the plan.

What is a comprehensive plan? There are two phases of the comprehensive plan. It first provides a broad and general overview of the physical development of the community. Through a general overview it will review development patterns which have led to the current state of the community. The second phase of the plan provides a long range view (10 to 25 years) of how the community should continue to develop and redevelop.

Easily stated the comprehensive plan depicts where the community has been, where it is presently, where it wants to go, and how it plans to get there.

Why do we need a comprehensive plan? Without a plan the City of Peabody has no basic guide or frame of reference to direct the growth of the community. It will help the city address land use issue and long range policy issues.

Where do you come in? Throughout the process of updating the comprehensive plan, community meetings will be held for community input. It is important that residents of Peabody, both in the city limits and in the country, attend so that your thoughts, concerns and ideas are heard. Peabody is our community and in order to continue progress everyone must do their part.

If you have questions about the comprehensive plan please contact city hall at 620-983-2174.