Changing landfills probably won't happen this year

Marion County Transfer Station Manager Rollin Schmidt reported Monday to Marion County Commission that county attorney Susan Robson had reviewed the solid waste contracts with the Topeka landfill and Robinson Trucking of Florence.

The county commission was considering changing the destination of the county's solid waste to a closer landfill and was considering transporting it to Salina. Other options are being considered regarding the county hauling the solid waste in a county truck with a county employee.

Schmidt said the contract with Robinson had a 60-day notice clause but the Hamm Quarry (landfill) contract was a little trickier.

The original contract gave the county a 90-day out but an addendum was approved in January by the commission that renews every December which restricts the county from opting out until that time, with a 90-day notice.

Schmidt said he was uneasy with the contract from the Salina landfill because it did not include the cost per ton. He said when he contacted the landfill company, he was told that was how contracts were made with other counties so the cost can be changed.

"There is no guarantee in writing that the fees will the stay the same," Schmidt said. Right now the landfill charges $29 per ton which probably will increase in September.

A review of the landfill's inspections revealed there were no fines in the past 10 years, Schmidt said.

The commission had asked Schmidt to check on tipping floor costs at the Salina landfill which could reduce the cost of a trailer if a dump trailer could be used instead of a walking floor trailer. Schmidt said there was a $50 fee to use the tipping floor and drivers had to wait in line.

With the walking floor trailer, there would be no additional fee or waiting time.