Big sign in the sky


Peabody Main Street Interim Director

Peabody Economic Development has been hard at work trying to erect the large Peabody sign that now lies dormant on the Marshall Auction warehouse lawn. Fortunately, this actually was a personal goal of mine coming into my position as interim Peabody Main Street director, so I was glad to be able to sit in on the preliminary discussions about this project.

It's kind of like having a "to do" list and writing something down you have already done, just so you can cross it off. I love doing that. This project obviously isn't complete, but I'm pleased to find there are other folks in the community who also would like to see the sign re-installed.

Peabody Economic Development began by choosing a new location. Right now it looks like the sign's new home will be at the north edge of the golf course — Peabody Lakeside Country Club. We want the best location for viewing the sign from U.S.-50 while accommodating local golfers. Currently they mow and maintain the area around a faded and ineffective sign advertising our community. The golf course location for the new sign will alert potential Peabody visitors driving from the east to be aware of what awaits them at the up-coming exits to our historic downtown.

It looks as if the old sign will be given new life with a fresh vinyl cover. The vinyl will last three to five years, and it's relatively easy to change when we are ready to update the sign. No more faded paint! PED is waiting on quotes for the vinyl cover from several companies. In addition, we've begun the new location application process with Kansas Department of Transportation. It won't be long!

We're looking forward to the completion of this new signage project so we can once again efficiently direct people into our exciting and unique community. Our merchants are awaiting directional highway signs. We are trying to accommodate them as quickly as possible.