And remember that letter to Santa Claus?

I have another item to mention. It has nothing to do with kids doing community service so I am moving into a two-opinion forum here. Lucky you.

A number of months ago (in our Christmas issue, as a matter of fact) I wrote a letter to Santa Claus. I try to do that every year. Sometimes it is easy to write and it can be fun. Goofy things and snafus that have happened in the community can be twisted into requests to Santa. Some years there are some oh-so-nice kids or community members who could use a little help — easy to cover. The letter for this past Christmas was a stretch. It was tough to come up with humorous or touching "wishes" from yours truly. Either my heart wasn't in it or the material just wasn't there. So sue me.

Anyway, I stepped on some toes trying to be funny about a topic or two that certain individuals apparently didn't think were even mildly amusing. I got into a bit of trouble and it seems the folks in question are still cranky about what I said. I heard again several days ago about how "offended" they were by my comments in that letter. Balderdash! They weren't offended; they just wanted to whine.

I thought about trying to make it up to them by writing another letter — this one to the Easter Bunny, trying to fix things, but you know what? I just don't believe that is going to work. In fact, I cannot believe I just said that I would try to fix my letter to Santa Claus by writing a letter to the Easter Bunny explaining my insensitivity. Sheesh. I am getting sucked in, aren't I? I am beginning to think like they think.

So here is how I really feel.

It was a LETTER TO SANTA CLAUS, for Pete's sake. Get over it! It was not some thunderous editorial comment. It was a list of requests, most made tongue-in-cheek (although I was serious about wanting world peace). I didn't hang you out to dry. I didn't mention your name. I didn't go on for paragraphs about what I think of your heritage or your mental capacity. It was only a letter to Santa Claus (read: make believe)!

Take a deep breath. Put it behind you. If I make you that mad you should quit reading this column. Go outside, watch spring arrive in Marion County, be a volunteer, make someone happy, learn to whittle, anything! Please!

Whew! I don't know about you, but I feel better already. I may write that letter to the Easter Bunny after all. I just won't publish it.