Ammeter news: Two-year-old keeps Grandma busy with questions


Contributing writer

Ladies Aid met Wednesday afternoon at LaVonne's. Sherry Nightengale and Dorene Kirkpatrick attended.

LaVonne and Michele Boese went to El Dorado Thursday to pick up my glasses. We ate lunch there.

Kevin and Emily Haxton and Avery arrived late Thursday afternoon at the Ammeter farm. Avery stayed with Grandma LaVonne and Kevin and Emily went to a concert at Wichita at the Coliseum. Avery and Grandma had a really big, fun evening. The Haxtons were overnight and Friday guests. Stan came for lunch and took Avery to see the cows and baby cows. They left for home late Friday evening. I forget a two-year-old can ask so many questions.

Would you believe it was 12 degrees when I got up Saturday morning? I visited Maude Gaines Saturday afternoon. Hope you didn't forget to set your clocks up.

I went to Maudie's Sunday afternoon and we went to Peabody and Florence for groceries and just a joyride. Such a lovely day.

I went to Peabody Monday afternoon and visited at Legacy Park. I visited Aunt Leona Widler, Emma Shaw, Dorothy Whistler, and Donna Robb. I visited Maudie on the way home.

Maude Gaines and I went to Marion Tuesday morning for lab work and doctors' appointments.

We're glad to have the Logans home and we extend get-well wishes to Kathleen Brenzikofer.

Last week's news:

Ladies Aid met Wednesday at LaVonne's. Dorene and Sherry attended.

Blaine Ammeter of Ellinwood was a Tuesday overnight and Wednesday guest at the Ammeter farm. Blaine and Stan were supper guests and Blaine left for home.

I decorated cake for Legacy Park Thursday and Michele Boese came and helped me deliver it. We visited Aunt Leona Widler, Donna Robles, and Emma Shaw, and Dorothy Whistler.

I visited Maudie Gaines Thursday evening.

Angela Bunger and Mitchell of Junction City and Sally Ammeter of Grand Island, Neb., were Friday afternoon and supper guests of LaVonne. They were morning and lunch guests of Opal Craney We had tea parties and fed cows and played farm with Mitchell. Stan was an afternoon visitor. Was such a great day!

Late Saturday afternoon, Melody and Stan Magette of Dodge City arrived at the Ammeter farm to spend the weekend. We went to Newton Saturday evening and ate at the Bread Basket. German buffet and lots of good food.

We had church Sunday at Summit. We had communion and Rev. Ragland had a really good message.

Sunday dinner guests of LaVonne were Melody and Steve Magette and Stan Ammeter.

Maude Gaines went to the Peabody Senior Center Sunday to a Gaines gathering. Shelly Gaines of Inman visited Maude in the afternoon and evening.

Sunday afternoon Carolyn Metz stopped by LaVonne's on her way home from Marion. Carolyn and Becky took Laura Branham out for dinner on her birthday.

Well, I guess March came in like a lion. Hope you all have a great week.