Contributing writer

Ladies Aid met Wednesday afternoon at LaVonne's. Dorene and Sherry attended. I went to Marion for a doctor's appointment and was gone until Ladies Aid was about over.

I visited brother Don and Maudie Gaines Thursday afternoon at Legacy Park.

Michele Boese and LaVonne went to El Dorado Friday morning. We took our recycling and I picked up my glasses. A busy day.

One evening Dan Wiebe and Natalia came to LaVonne's to deliver the cookies I had ordered. Natalia makes good cookies.

I went to Marion Saturday morning for chiropractic treatment. In the afternoon I visited Maudie Gaines, Don Gillet, Dorothy Whisler, Aunt Nonie Widler, Donna Robb, Emma Shaw, and Orlene Scrivner.

Blaine and Carol Ammeter of Ellinwood arrived at the Ammeter farm to spend the weekend. Stan was a supper guest too.

Sunday we had church at Summit. Pastor Ragland had a very good message.

Sunday after an early lunch, Blaine and Carol and I picked up Opal Craney and we went to Junction City to Angela and Chad Bunger's and Mitchell and to see the new great-grandson Collin Riley. He's really a cutie and big brother Mitchell is so proud of him. Had a really great day. Blaine and Carol returned home late Sunday night.

Monday afternoon Sherry and Marv Nightengale picked up LaVonne and then went to Newton to Pauline Nelson's funeral at Salem Methodist Church. Rev. Nelson preached at Summit for several years and Pauline was such a dear lady. Got to see Rev. Roy Nelson and Karen and they were at Summit too. He is their son and he preaches at Herington. We took a short walk down memory lane.

Sunday evening Michelle visited LaVonne.

Tuesday afternoon I went to Legacy Park to visit Maudie and Don. Patti visited Maudie too.

We send our love and sympathy to the Nelson family in the loss of their mother, Pauline.

Last week's news:

I spent from Monday afternoon to Thursday in Dodge City. Melody came after me Monday afternoon. Amanda Kantock, Bethany and Ryan came from Colorado Springs to visit. I had a really big time playing with the great-granddaughter and Amanda and I had a good visit. It was windy all the time I was there. They're dry there. Steve brought me home Thursday evening. Sure glad he left before the storm.

I got home Thursday evening and heard Cliff Roberts had died. I was not real surprised but he will be missed. He's had quite a struggle. His funeral was Saturday afternoon and he was buried at Summit Cemetery.

Myron and Sally Ammeter and Mitchell Bunger arrived Friday afternoon at Opal Craney's for a visit. They came to LaVonne's for supper and visiting. Stan was here for the meal and he and Mitchell had a great time. They have been staying in Junction City with Mitchell while his folks were in Kansas City at Mercy Hospital with little Collin. He's getting better. They returned home early Saturday morning.

Michele Montgomery visited LaVonne Saturday morning.

Blaine and Carol Ammeter of Ellinwood arrived at the Ammeter farm Saturday afternoon and were supper and overnight guests. They went to Don and Marjorie Gfeller's after lunch. Stan had lunch with us. Stan, Blaine, and John Boese went fishing Saturday evening.

LaVonne went to Peabody Sunday afternoon to visit Maudie Gaines at Legacy Park. I also visited with Donna Robb, Emma Shaw, Aunt Nonie Widler, Dorothy Whisler, and Arlene Scrivner. Sonny and Jeannie Clark visited Maudie while I was there.

Maude Gaines is in Legacy Park. Joyce Barker and Marie Clark, Ronnie and Patti Gaines, and Norma and LeRoy Riggs visited her Saturday. She's doing real good.

Ty Fredrickson and Giles of Oman visited LaVonne Tuesday morning. I was so glad to see them. Giles and I baked cookies and had a fun time.

I went to Marion Tuesday afternoon to the dentist and shopping.

We send love and sympathy to the family of Cliff Roberts and his sisters.

I talked to Brenda Tuesday evening. Don Gillet is waiting for surgery to fix his ankle. So sorry about his accident and so glad it wasn't worse.