Contributing writer

Mother's Day dinner guests of LaVonne's were Melody and Steve and Stan. They all did so many jobs for me.

LaVonne visited Maudie Gaines Wednesday evening.

Ladies Aid met Wednesday afternoon at LaVonne's. Dorene and I quilted. Sherry didn't come.

Michele took LaVonne to Marion Thursday and Friday for physical therapy. We did some shopping both days.

Michele Boese and Dylan were at LaVonne's Thursday evening. We made graduation cake decorations.

Late Saturday afternoon, Melody and Steve Magette of Dodge City arrived at the Ammeter farm to spend the night and Sunday. We went to Burns to eat supper at Flint Hills Barbecue. Real good food.

We had church Sunday at Summit. Pastor Ragland had a really good message.

Michele Boese stopped by late Sunday evening.

Monday was a terrible windy day. I went to Burns. I drove. Wow!

Mother's Day guests of Maude Gaines were Shelly Harper of Inman, Ben of Manhattan, Zach of Lawrence, Herb and Melinda Gaines of rural Cassoday, Vicki and Dick Gantz, Alison of Perry, and Sally and Jim Abel, and Jean Ann.

Michele and LaVonne picked up Maudie Tuesday morning and went to Marion for doctor's appointments and physical therapy.

Stan Ammeter was a Monday evening supper guest.

Sally and Myron Ammeter arrived late Tuesday evening at the Ammeter farm to spend the night. They picked up Opal Craney Wednesday morning and all attended Gladys Jewell's funeral services.

We extend our sympathy and prayers to the Jewell family. She was a real special lady.