Contributing writer

Ladies Aid met Wednesday at LaVonne's. Sherry and Dorene attended. We put in a new quilt.

Don Gillet visited LaVonne Thursday afternoon.

Michele Boese picked up LaVonne Friday afternoon and they went to El Dorado to see about my glasses I ruined when I fell. Michele took me to see Maude early in the evening.

Eric Boese stopped to show me his tux on his way to the prom Saturday evening.

Melody Magette of Dodge City arrived Sunday afternoon at the Ammeter farm to spend the night and take me to the doctor and ran errands for me. I still can't drive.

Kerrie Wiebe and kids visited LaVonne and Melody Monday afternoon. Melody left for home late in the afternoon.

Stan took LaVonne to Marion Tuesday afternoon for physical therapy.

We extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to the Cecil Wiebe family in the tragic loss of their loved one.