Contributing writer

LaVonne Ammeter and Eric Boese went to Peabody Thursday afternoon to deliver a birthday cake to Legacy Park. Eric went with me to the church to set up the communion set.

We had Maundy Thursday services at Summit church.

Later Thursday evening, Myron and Sally Ammeter of Grand Island, Neb., came to spend the night at the Ammeter farm.

We picked up Opal Craney Friday morning and headed for Nebraska. Early Saturday morning we loaded up and headed for Minnesota. Late that afternoon, we arrived at Amy, Doug, Daniel, and Drake's home in Minnesota.

Easter Sunday morning we celebrated my birthday a day late. We were there the rest of the week, until Wednesday afternoon. We left because storms were moving in. We got as far as Des Moines, Iowa, and spent the night. The next morning, we headed for home on icy roads. We ate lunch and arrived back at the Ammeter farm late that afternoon. Myron and Sally took Opal home and headed for Nebraska.

I had a wonderful birthday, playing with great-grandson Daniel. He is so cute!

LaVonne went to Peabody Saturday afternoon to visit Emma Shaw, Donna Robb, Aunt Nonie Widler, and Bill Krause at Legacy Park.

Saturday evening, Carol brought Blaine to spend the night. She went back to her mom's. Stan also was an evening visitor.

We had church Sunday at Summit. Dinner guests were Blaine, Stan, and Gary Davis of Newton.

Thursday evening visitors were Michelle, Dylan, Cadie, and Eric.

Monday evening visitors were Stan, John, and Michelle. Michelle and Eric went to get a tux for prom.