Accidents reported

The following accidents were reported to Marion County law enforcement agencies:

Bridgette M. Burns, 17, 411 Lincolnville Avenue, Lincolnville, was backing from a private drive near Upland Road in a 1995 Pontiac Grand Am at 10:30 p.m. Jan. 24, when her vehicle struck the side of a 1991 Pontiac Sunfire owned by Roger Maag, 1768 Upland Road, Marion. The Grand Am was owned by Doug Sharp, 4 Fairway Drive, Marion. Marion County Sheriff Deputy Jim Philpott reported there were no injuries and more than $1,000 in damages.

Christopher J. Norris, 22, Wellington, was northbound on U.S.-77 near 310th Road in a 2002 Honda Accord at 8 p.m. Feb. 1, when another vehicle, a 2001 Saturn SL driven by John E. Clabough, 37, 325 Circle Drive, Florence, crossed the center line. Norris tried to avoid hitting the Saturn but the vehicles collided in the northbound lane. Norris had possible injuries and was transported by Tampa EMS to St. Luke Hospital, Marion. Tyson J. Wheeler, 21, Wellington, was a passenger in the Honda. There were no other injuries, reported Marion County Sheriff Sergeant Jeff Soyez. No damage amount was indicated on the report.

Dana K. Elinski, 45, El Dorado, was southbound on Church Street, Burns, in a 2007 Toyota Camry at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 4, and Daniel V. Catlin II, 18, 232 W. Fourth Street, Florence, was eastbound on Marion Street in a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix when neither driver saw the other and collided in the intersection. The Pontiac was registered to Linda Catlin, of the same address. Marion County Sheriff Deputy Duane McCarty reported there were no injuries and more than $1,000 in damages.

Tish L. Keesling, 36, 208 W. Alexander Street, Lost Springs, was northbound on U.S.-56/77 and turning west on 340th Road in a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban at 5:40 p.m. Feb. 5, when she lost control on the icy roadway and struck a stop sign post owned by Kansas Department of Transportation. The driver was not injured and there was more than $1,000 in damages, reported Deputy McCarty.

Duane K. Unruh, 18, 7501 NE 108th Road, Peabody, was westbound on 30th Road near Mustang in a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria at 9:58 p.m. Feb. 8, when the driver drove too close to the right edge of the road and the wheels dropped off the pavement, causing the vehicle to go into the ditch. The right rear of the vehicle struck a power pole. Shelby R. Elliot, 16, 6335 N. Osage Road, Peabody, was a passenger. The vehicle was registered to Harlin D. Unruh, of the same address. Marion County Sheriff Deputy Larry Starkey reported there were no injuries and more than $1,000 in damages.

Daniel T. Moss, 23, 316 S. Washington Street, Hillsboro, was northbound on Goldenrod Road near 190th in a 2005 GMC pickup at 10:30 a.m. Feb. 9, when he drove on the right shoulder, over-corrected the vehicle, and went to the left. The vehicle slid sideways, entered an east ditch, and rolled several times. Candace M. Moss, no age given, of the same address, was a passenger. Both the driver and passenger had possible injuries and were transported by Marion EMS to Hillsboro Community Medical Center, reported Deputy McCarty.

Marion Police Officer Howard J. Kahler Jr., 61, 916 Maple, Marion, was eastbound on Washington Street near Walnut, Marion, in a 2002 Ford Crown Victoria police cruiser at 10 a.m. Feb. 10, when the driver had an unknown medical problem which caused him to push down the foot pedal and drive off the roadway, and into a tree. The officer was trapped in the vehicle with potentially serious injuries. LifeTeam transported Kahler to Via Christi Medical Center-St. Francis Campus, Wichita. Deputy McCarty investigated the accident.

Diadra J. Turner, 15, Lincolnville, was northbound on Vista Road, north of Lincolnville, in a 1998 Ford Explorer at 10:45 a.m. Feb. 18, when she attempted to turn on a dirt road which was muddy. The vehicle entered a west ditch, overturned, and struck a telephone pole. Amanda D. Floyd, 14, Lincolnville, was a passenger. Both teens were transported by Tampa EMS to Herington Municipal Hospital with possible injuries. Kansas Highway Patrol investigated the accident.