A game of sport

You might be surprised to hear this, but The Mister and I sponsored a bowling team a week ago in an effort to help raise funds to finish paying for the lettering on the water tower. I had a brief bowling experience way back in my junior high years when I was working on a badge for Girl Scouts. I was not very good at bowling. In fact, as with most athletic endeavors, I'm sure I was horrible. But I got the badge. And like a smart little Girl Scout I counted my blessings and never bowled again.

Even this time around, doing some fund-raising for a cause I believe in, hangin' out with some friends and fun people, I elected not to bowl. I try not to be a slow learner.

I think I am good at surrounding myself with people who do better than I in those areas where I am actually a dismal failure. And I figured out how to handle it this time around also — I wrote the check. I decided that if I could entice some really good bowlers onto a team I wouldn't have to do anything but write the check and hang out and eat and stuff like that. So that is what happened.

And guess what? That group was SO good that we took first place and I — as the sponsor — ended up with a used trophy from sometime back in the 1970s it looks like. The thing has a NUMBER ONE on the front, a gold colored bowler all duded up in flare-legged polyester pants on the top, and someone else's name scratched off the base. Classy.

I am so proud. And the Mister just hasn't stopped sputtering since I put the trophy on the mantel. I can only assume he is proud also.

I much prefer sponsoring a team to being on one. I think I am in some famous company with people who own the Chiefs, the Broncos, the Cubs, and so on. We're NUMBER ONE! I might have to have T-shirts made. Or at least buy some big foam fists with an extended forefinger indicating Marshall Auction bowlers are first . . . FIRST, I tell you!

Of course, I should be humble as I high-five my group from the winner's circle.

So a big thank you goes out to the other teams. The Peabody Main Street team, the Peabody-Burns High School cheerleader team, and the 5 Chicks and a Rooster team composed of some people affiliated with the elementary school. And, of course, none of us would have had any fun at all if not for the McBrides and their generous offer to use the bowling alley for the fund-raiser.

Thanks to everyone who helped out. To those of you who wouldn't participate, the rest of us weren't surprised by your choice. You are predictable.