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Youth will trade bad behavior for curtailed trick-or-treat next year

Staff writer

After seeing the results of two nights of destructive activity on nearly every street in Peabody, Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke has said, “Enough!”

Vandalism, criminal trespass, criminal destruction of private and public property, and widespread curfew violations left officials and a large number of citizens upset and disgusted with Peabody’s youth.

“Since the kids want to be so destructive, next year we will go back to the special Halloween curfew of a decade or two ago,” Burke said. “Everyone under the age of 18 will be off the streets by 8:30 p.m.

“Halloween is on a Sunday next year and I have already heard from citizens and at least one councilman who would like to see us impose the curfew Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.”

Burke said there is no interest in curtailing the trick-or-treating for the young, but the behavior of older children will mean restrictions for everyone.

Burke said officers either caught or identified several young people engaging in violations of the law.

“They will be seeing some community service time,” he said. “We are still investigating what went on Friday and Saturday nights. There have been complaints filed and we expect to talk to some additional youngsters.”

Anyone wishing to file a police report about damage or offer information to an officer should contact Peabody police at (620) 983-2133.

Last modified Nov. 5, 2009