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You are a generous community

Times are tough. They are tough for individuals, families, organizations, and even public entities like cities, counties, and school districts. Every organization seems to be crying the blues and it appears there simply will never be enough money to go around. It is possible that is a correct assessment of our lives in the coming years. Or maybe all that gloom and doom will not pan out … hmmm.

Oddly enough, there have been quite a few benefit events in Peabody during the past 11 months and many of them have raised significant funds. It always amazes me how generous you people are. By my calculations, more than $150,000 has been donated to local non-profits, needy individuals, and community institutions. By no means am I privy to all the checks written to support local charitable giving, but I do know of some and I think Peabody people do quite well by their community.

I want to thank all of you who have tried to make a difference.

There are many local causes that can use our assistance and while we may not wipe the slate clean for each group, we are chipping away at the need and our giving helps make a positive change. Please don’t stop making your contributions, whatever their size. Not everyone can write a large check in support of a scholarship or the Peabody Foundation. However, just about everyone can buy an extra can of soup or box of cereal to donate to the Peabody Food Bank.

Community contributions of more than $150,000 say a great deal about a small community like this and an economy like ours. They show that we care and they show we want to be a part of helping locally. Any community or school organization would welcome your donation; the HUB needs donations to provide a safe place to celebrate New Year’s Eve, and the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can use funds to send kids to camp. We have hungry children at each attendance center who desperately need the food that is sent home with them in backpacks every weekend — both principals would help you direct your dollars where they are needed.

Peabody Senior Center can use help with utilities and expenses. Organizations like Peabody Historical Society, Peabody Main Street, Partners of Peabody Parks, Peabody Christmas Light Fund, Peabody Community Quilt Project, Peabody Township Library, Peabody Foundation, and many others would also appreciate your contributions. Sounds like a lot of groups want a check from you, huh?

Well, maybe not. My very wise sister always says, “You can only do what you can do” and she is correct. We all are responsible for making a difference locally. We all need to contribute. However, no one expects us to contribute to everything. Jump right in and support the local group or cause that means the most to you. When all of us make that step, we re-affirm our faith in our community. Thank you all.


Last modified Dec. 5, 2012