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Another one bites the dust

Yet another city clerk gone after a short employment

Staff writer

Once again, Peabody is seeking a city clerk. Marty Grill II sent an informal resignation via text message just three days after he started.

Grill was offered the position at $40,000 a year after Destinie Dyer was fired June 5, after being hired at the end of March. Council members declined to comment on an explanation for her termination or Grill’s resignation.

City Treasurer Liz Harder will again be taking on many responsibilities of clerk.

Grill was from Moundridge, Harder said.

“It just wasn’t a good fit,” she said of his abrupt resignation. “So I’ll be pitching in again. We’ve got to keep the city going, and it is what it is. I just jump in when they need me.”

The city has had difficulty successfully filling the position since the end of 2016, when Stephanie Ax retired after a long career with the city.

Ax had been treasurer for most of her career but served as city clerk for two years, as well as serving as interim city clerk twice previously, adding 11/2 years to her service.

Barb Seeney then filled the role for about eight months before leaving for another job.

When Seeney left, Jonna Munson moved into the clerk’s position after serving as treasurer, and Harder stepped in to the treasurer position in September.

Harder was to retire, Munson was to step back into the treasurer position, and Dyer was to become clerk.

However, Dyer was employed with the city for just more than a week when Munson left for lunch April 24 and didn’t return.

Mayor Larry Larsen cited personal reasons for her abrupt resignation. Messages requesting comment from Munson were not returned.

Larsen and council members Beth Peter and Tom Spencer were absent from Monday’s meeting at which Grill’s resignation was announced.

County commissioner Randy Dallke raised a concern with the council about a refrigeration truck that had been parked idling near his home for more than 48 hours without relief from the sound.

“When it’s 100 feet from your house, you can’t sit on your deck. When it gets warm, it goes on high idle and makes you turn your TV up even louder. Nobody wants to listen to a semi idle right by their house, and it’s a concern.”

Council members and Dallke reflected on five areas designated for semi parking in town and reviewed current ordinances but took no action.

Marty Stevenson approached the council to request more time to clean up her yard. Police chief Bruce Burke had already granted an extension, but it expired June 12, and she needed council approval for a second one.

“Things are a little crazy right now,” she said. “My father-in-law was just diagnosed with a terminal illness, so we are trying to deal with that right now.”

Council members granted Stevenson until July 30 to get her yard up to city code.

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