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Wrong items going into recycling bins

Peabody Deputy City Administrator Stephanie Ax had to field complaints from the Waste Connections Recycling truck driver on Friday.

“He stopped by to ask us to remind residents that Waste Connections cannot take Styrofoam products as recyclables,” she said. “Apparently, with the holidays approaching, people are using the recycling polycarts to get rid of the molded Styrofoam packaging that protects so many products.”

Ax said those large molded pieces can be put in the regular trash container, but reminds customers the Styrofoam is not to go into the recycling containers.

“That also holds true for Styrofoam packing ‘peanuts’ as well as cups and plates,” she added.

For more information, contact Ax at the city building, (620) 983-2174.

Last modified Dec. 14, 2011