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Write-ins win 21 positions

Write-in votes tabulated this week resulted in awarding of 21 contests for which no names appeared on county ballots last week.

All winners will take office Jan. 8.

Joining winning candidates whose names were on the ballot will be these candidates who received the most certified write-in votes:


Burns – Mayor Roland Boesker and council members Jason Miler and Cecilia Kennedy.

Durham – Council members Larry Shafer and Wendell Cook.

Lehigh — Mayor David Terrell and council members Claude James Dawes, Eldon Kaiser, Nick McLaughlin, Glen George, and Scott Schultz.

Lincolnville – Major Sherri Pankratz and council members Cristina Peterson and Constance Lare.

Lost Springs – Council member John Peterson.

Peabody – Council member Matthew Ronald Litton.

Tampa – Council members David Rziha and Jason Backhus.

Eastshore Improvement District – Trustee Bradley E. Gorsuch.

Pilsen Improvement District — Trustees Kelly Steiner and Heather Steiner.

Last modified Nov. 16, 2017