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Worth a look

Another Kansas public school is considering a four-day school-week.

Say, that’s not a bad idea.

The county has been talking about a four-day work-week for a couple of years as a way to cut back on expenses.

Just think if our five school districts in Marion County went to a four-day week. Think of the expenses they could save — transportation, utilities, food.

The only negative part of this plan is day-care for children on that fifth day when parents have to work. There already is a severe shortage of child-care providers in the area and having children out of school one day a week probably wouldn’t help the situation. However, it could be an opportunity for teens to take care of younger children.

Studies have shown schools with four-day school weeks have teachers with higher morale, students who miss less school, and an opportunity for families to spend more time together.

For Haviland school district, it’s a way to balance its budget. According to other news reports, there are 16 school districts in Kansas with the shortened school week.

Of course, that means the four days are longer. And I have heard some teachers say there isn’t enough time as it is during the school year to teach — especially when students are gone from class because of sports and other extra- curricular activities.

I do think the idea is worth checking into.

— Susan berg

Last modified Dec. 17, 2008