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Work on Pilsen road won't delay other projects

News editor

Unplanned expenses to prepare Remington Road for the Father Kapaun pilgrimage to Pilsen earlier this summer won’t delay other projects this year.

Road and Bridge Department had budgeted to have funds carry over to the 2014 budget, but if 10 miles of road are chip sealed as planned, that carry-over would be depleted, Road and Bridge Superintendent Randy Crawford said.

The commission decided it was more important to chip seal Quail Creek Road between 290th and 360th roads near Ramona and double chip seal three miles of 30th Road south of Peabody than to have the funds carry over to 2014. The cost of road oil for those projects will be $194,000.

“You don’t drive on carry-over. It just looks nice for the accountant,” commissioner Dan Holub said.

Chairman Randy Dallke said that if the prices for double chip seal and asphalt overlays get any closer, the county should consider doing more overlays.

Crawford said department secretaries have received some phone calls from county residents spewing obscenities about road grading.

Services seek funding

Jessie Kaye, CEO of Prairie View, requested the county keep its funding of the mental health service provider steady at $62,000 for 2014.

Kaye summarized some cases Prairie View intervened in during what she called a short time. Nearly all involved people who had attempted or were contemplating self-harm or hurting others.

Ty Wheeler of Kansas Legal Services made his 2014 budget request for $4,000. He had asked for that amount but was funded for $3,000 for 2013.

Emergency manager

The commission appointed 911 supervisor Linda Klenda as interim emergency manager.

Commissioners decided to consult with fire chiefs and other emergency response agencies in the county before deciding whether to hire an emergency manager on a part-time or full-time basis.

Holub and editorial

Holub criticized a paragraph in a June 19 editorial.

Holub said a mention of tax revenue wasn’t accurate because the county could raise the mill levy to generate however much tax revenue was needed, but the commission doesn’t because it prioritizes keeping taxes low.

Holub also said that the county buys very few new vehicles. The editorial was referring to purchase of a new Ford Expedition for the EMS department.

He also criticized the editorial’s characterization of aerial photography the commission approved spending $119,000 on as “surveillance” because it isn’t constant.

Last modified June 27, 2013