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Snellings tour east coast

Wonsevu correspondent

On July 30, Johnny Lang of Augusta, Jessica Maddox and Dana Maddox of Strong City and Jaimie Lang of Emporia were guests of John and Denise Lang. They helped Johnny Lang celebrate his birthday.

Janet Cress had lunch with her daughters Shannon Foster from Iowa and Shealah West on July 29.

Bill and Margie Williams left July 20 for Arkansas. They spent that night with her sister Thelma Thigpen in Little Rock. They spent July 21 in Hampton, Arkansas, where they met cousins at Granny’s Café for lunch. Later that evening, 22 family members went to Reds to eat supper. While there, Bill Williams learned he has a cousin in Wichita. Bill Williams’ cousin who lives in Washington raised her grandson and granddaughter when her daughter died. The grandson graduated from college in Wichita, and he now lives and works there. Bill hopes to get in touch with his cousin.

On July 22, Bill and Margie Williams attended the Williams reunion. There were 55 people at the Assembly of God Church in Hampton.

After the reunion, Bill and Margie Williams visited her sisters in Little Rock. They returned home July 25.

Dale and Tootsie Snelling and Dean left on a bus tour July 10. They went through West Virginia, Maryland, Washington, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. They also went to the Derby Downs, Arlington Cemetery, different Washington monuments, and the Vietnam Wall. They returned July 19.

Doni Rogers ate supper with Charles and Mary Magathan and saw Mary’s new house July 28. On July 29, Rogers visited Amy Budke.

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