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WONSEVU: Residents receive many guests

Wonsevu correspondent

Gayla and Will Soyez of Goddard visited Bill and Margie Williams on Sept. 9. Gary and Terry Williams of Goddard visited Sept. 14, and grandson Carl Williams visited Sept. 15.

Dale Snelling went to Archie Byram’s funeral at Cedar Point on Sept. 14. Dale and Tootsie visited Dale’s brother, Duane Snelling, after church Sunday in El Dorado.

Johnny Lang and his friend, Jessica of Wichita were supper guests of John and Denise Lang on Sept. 13.

Brandon and Sue Cress of Pittsburg were guests of Janet Cress on Feb. 13.

Margie Williams and Tootsie Snelling were in El Dorado on Sept. 13.

Denise Lang, Lorena Magathan, Anna Voelker, Sue Clough, and Margie Williams met in Florence for coffee and ice cream Sept. 13.

Last modified Sept. 26, 2019