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WONSEVU: Residents celebrate holidays

Wonsevu correspondent

On Jan. 1 Doni Rogers visited Bill and Margie Williams in the afternoon.

Dale and Tootsie Snelling went to Marion the evening of Jan. 4 for the 50th birthday party of their daughter, Sherry Hess. Dean Snelling, of Goessel, has been spending a few days with Dale and Tootsie.

Visitors of John and Denise Lang and Johnnie on Jan. 3 was Jaimie Lang, their daughter from Emporia and their grandchildren Dana and Daxton Maddox of Strong City.

Visiting Everett and Janet Cress on Jan. 3 were Sina and Keith Willcox. An evening visitor was their grandson Ethan Goodwin of Emporia.

Bill and Margie Williams attended the New Year’s Eve party at Carriage Manor in Florence. Richard and Delores Mann hosted the party.

Bill and Margie attended the birthday party for Mary Britton on Jan. 3 at Auntie Em’s Diner in Florence.

Lonnie and Sharon Smith went to Toronto on Christmas Eve to celebrate with his mother and 73 other guests.

Guests of John and Denise Lang on Dec. 26 were their daughter, Jessica Maddox and Dana and Dalton of Strong City.

The staff at Auntie M’s Diner in Florence, surprised Margie Williams with a birthday cake that was shared with others in the restaurant. Doni Rogers, Dale and Tootsie Snelling and Dean also came for a piece of cake. Her birthday was Christmas day.

The family of Bill and Margie Williams went to Gary and Terry Williams’ for Christmas on Dec. 27. Those present were Will and Gayla Soyez, Elliott and Samantha and Carl and Becca Willams and Sadie. Bill and Margie visited Hazel Clothier in Florence that evening.

Everett and Janet Cresses’ guest for the week was their son, Alan Cress from Great Falls, Mont., and granddaughter, Miaria Cress of Shearton, Wy. They went home Dec. 28. The Cress’s grandson, Ethan Goodwin and Kayla Hixson of Emporia visited Dec. 27. Doni Rogers was a dinner guest of Everett and Janet Dec. 29.

Dale and Tootsie Snelling had their family Christmas on Dec. 28. Those attending were Brandon and Breanna Lespagnard, Kinsley and Aubrey of Greenwood, Mo.; Jeremiah and Kristy Ciero, Nathanial and Jessie; Mark and Leann Lewman, Kiana and Levi; Jake Lewman, Jayde Hess and friend Oscar, and Pam Doffing, all of Wichita; Kent and Lynn Mai, Elly and Lilly, and Dean Snelling of Goessel, Dan and Tammy Snelling and Seth; Sherry Hess and Karly, Molly, Emmy, and Luke Steel, all of Marion; Tristen Snelling and Adam Cope of Manhattan; and Doni Rogers.

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