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On Jan. 6, Hazel Clothier met her daughter, Teresa Hill, at the Pizza Hut in Marion for lunch. Teresa and her husband, Kevin, were her dinner guests on Jan. 15.

Doni Rogers went to the senior potluck dinner at the community center Jan. 10 at Burns. That afternoon she went with Bill and Margie Williams to El Dorado.

Will and Elliot Soyez were Jan. 10 dinner guests of Margie Williams.

Dolly Soyez and Margie Williams ate lunch at Auntie M’s Diner in Florence on Jan. 11.

On Jan. 14, Doni visited Margot Morgan at the Asbury Nursing Home and Ivan Morgan and Ray Davidson at the Asbury Assisted Living in Newton.

Bill and Margie Williams went to a basketball game at Newman University in Wichita on Jan. 14 to see their granddaughter Samantha
Soyez play a winning game against St. Mary’s. After the game, Gary Williams and Terry Steinbacher met the Williamses at the Cracker Barrel in Park City for supper.

Don and Twyla Nightengale took Bill and Margie Williams to the Pizza Hut in Marion on Jan. 15 for a belated birthday dinner for Margie.

Doni Rogers visited two of her cousins in Hutchinson on Jan. 17. That evening, she went to the senior Bible study at the home of Mary Lagenegger in Burns.

Tootsie and Dale Snelling hosted the Wonsevu Share and Care supper group last Wednesday. Those present were Les and Linda Allison, Joyce Padgett, of Florence, Carol Kutz of El Dorado, Bill and Margie Williams, Janet and Everett Cress, Sandi Cunningham, Doni Rogers, Rodney Charlton, and Larry and Mike Spachek.

Dolly Soyez, Louise Shumate, and Margie Williams met at Auntie M’s Diner in Florence for lunch last Wednesday.

Dale and Tootsie Snelling visited Jaci and Jon Beeman of El Dorado Sunday after church. In the afternoon, they helped celebrate the birthday of Seth Snelling and Margie Sandwell at the home of Dan and Tammy Snelling in Marion.

Weekend guests of Lonnie and Sharon Smith were their daughter Julia and grandson Kash of Medicine Lodge.

Hazel Clothier met her daughter Teresa Hill at the Pizza Hut in Marion for lunch Friday.

Carl Williams of Wamego, a grandson of Bill and Margie Williams, visited them over the weekend.

Sunday dinner guests of Everett and Janet Cress were their daughter and son-in-law, Shawna and David Goodwin of Douglas.

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