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WONSEVU: Ms. Rogers goes to the caucus

Wonsevu correspondent

Doni Rogers went to the caucus at Cottonwood Falls March 5. Doni and Nancy Griffin went to see a movie in Emporia that day.

Denise Lang, Jessica Maddox, Dana and Dustin went to Wichita to see an ice show March 5.

Dinner guest of Bill and Margie Williams March 4 was their son-in-law Will Soyez.

Lorena Magathan, Anna Voelker, Sue Clouth, and Margie Williams met for pie and coffee in Florence.

Dinner guests of Bill and Margie Williams March 6 to celebrate Terry Williams’s birthday were Gary and Terry Williams of Goddard, Carl and Becca Williams, Sadie and Lucy of Wamego, and Will Soyez.

Janet Cress’s daughter Shannon Foster visited her March 4 to 6. She then returned home to Ankeny, Iowa.

Janet Cress, Shannon Foster, Shealah West, and Letha Goering went to a movie March 5 in Newton.

Last modified March 17, 2016