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Where there's a whisk, there's a way

Staff writer

Mid Kansas Co-Op Association holds an annual food drive every April, but MKC employee Scott Alcorn wanted to do more.

Alcorn started selling baked goods in front of Pop’s Diner to help raise money for the Peabody food bank.

“I decided to go a different route to get money so they could go buy what they need,” Alcorn said.

For the past three years, Alcorn has set up a booth with his goodies outside of Pop’s Diner, and usually has sold out.

“It has worked fine for the past three years,” Alcorn said, “so hopefully I get sold out again.”

Those worried about prices shouldn’t be, since Alcorn takes donations only.

“I just put up a donation sign and let them donate what they wanna give for it,” Alcorn said.

The night before a bake sale is the busiest night for Alcorn.

“When I get off work, from 5 p.m. until midnight my house turns into a bakery,” Alcorn said.

Alcorn bakes and sells cakes, cookies, and brownies, with the occasional cinnamon rolls and pies.

“I try to make everything myself,” Alcorn said. “Sometimes if I’m busy, I try to have some friends help me.”

Alcorn tries to add twists to classic recipes, including adding nuts to brownies.

“I try to do something different with the brownies every year,” Alcorn said.

One popular item is an “Eileen cake”: Black Forest cake and pudding with whipped crème and cherries on top.

“That’s the one that sells quickly,” Alcorn said. “I only make two of them and they sell out really fast.”

He named the cake after his mother, who helped him find his love of baking.

“My mom used to be a baker, so I learned a bit from her before she passed away,” Alcorn said. “I used to bake in high school. It’s one of those little things I took to because it makes me feel better when I do something like this.”

Alcorn also has held a bake sale to raise money for Peabody-Burns Elementary School, and one in December to help raise money for the food bank for the holidays.

“I’m hoping I can do a bit more this year through my work schedule,” Alcorn said.

For others wanting to help local organizations, Alcorn suggested they find what they’re passionate about, find friends who also want to help, and have fun.

“You gotta have your heart into helping people out,” Alcorn said. “I’ve been in that road where you didn’t have food on the table, so I try to give back.”

The bake sale will be from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday in front of Pop’s Diner.

Last modified April 13, 2017