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When the cheese goes missing

Late Monday afternoon, I made an emergency trip to a nearby town to pick up five pounds of sliced American cheese. The purchase was for the Youngest Daughter, proprietor of the Coneburg Inn Grill and Pub.

It seems that when her food order came in for this busiest day of the year, cheese was missing. None of the employees checking in food and supplies thought to tell her. She was in a panic because there was no cheese for some special menu item featuring, apparently, cheese.

As I walked into the house after the 95th annual parade, the telephone was ringing. The Youngest Daughter told me the local food store was closed. Could I find an open store elsewhere and buy her some sliced cheese?

Umm, well, I was going to take a nap — after all, I did just get a golf cart ready for the parade and then sat in the front yard observing the event. I was bushed. Okay, I am the mom; I will bail her out.

This is why it just does not pay to plan a holiday event in the Marshall compound. Too many of us have crisis issues, and pre-planned events go awry with great regularity. However, finding five pounds of sliced American cheese at some store somewhere is a bit off the grid. Five pounds of sliced cheese is a whole lot of sliced cheese!

Today, the entire 95th annual July Fourth event is over, and it is not likely there are half a dozen people in Peabody who need to have a slice of American cheese for any part of their post-holiday menu. The crisis was averted, and we all got through the day.

Hopefully, the story of seeking out sliced cheese will fade from my memory. What I will remember of the 95th annual July Fourth celebration will be the crowds that came in and spent the day with us, the parade and other activities, and yet another awesome fireworks show.

I hope you all had spectacular holiday with or without sliced cheese.

—susan marshall

Last modified July 6, 2016