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Weather and cheesecake nice

The week that just ended with a big jump into daylight saving time was a banner week for the Peabody Main Street Association. Not only did the group find out that another sizeable grant had been awarded to the storefront rehabilitation for the Baker buildings, but they might have even hit a new record for their “Not Necessarily Annual” benefit auction. It is certain that the dessert auction hit a new record, bringing in $2,500 for nine desserts!

When the dessert auction was added to the event six or seven auctions ago, the goal was a couple hundred dollars. The organizers figured that would be a couple hundred more than they had, and everyone would be happy. It seems PMSA made about $350 or so, on a dozen or more desserts. They smiled all the way to the bank. However, it might be tough to beat Saturday night’s total. None brought less than $100 and several brought $300 and $400. And no, I was not the high bidder on the famous cherry cheesecake. There will be a future opinion column on the responsibility and sacrifice that goes along with friendship, and I will make salient points about friends and cherry cheesecake at that time!


I have tried to say next to nothing about the weather we have been having, because it seems that every time I compliment Mother Nature, or complain about Mother Nature, it is the wrong thing to say and it all goes south. However, it is really hard not to comment on the joy of seeing the Bradford Pears in bloom, the daffodils waving in the breeze, and the crocuses peaking out of the ground.

We even have experienced a few nice nighttime thunderstorms and the temperatures are great. This is the best time of year for me, because it always reminds me that I could still be in the cold frozen north if my college choice had turned out differently. I have told you before that I never again want to live in a place that celebrates with snow queen candidates or an ice sculpture completion. And I think that is all I will say about that.


Last modified March 15, 2012