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We will remember this

By the time you get this newspaper, we will have seen Barak Obama sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. An historic event indeed. Generally, the rules that govern the content of this newspaper preclude me from commenting on what the president is doing unless he is doing it in Peabody. Somehow, I think the inauguration might be an OK thing to mention this time around.

I am not sure I ever thought I would live long enough to see this day. My mother is fast approaching her 95th birthday and I know she never thought she would see it.

I can remember drinking fountains and swimming pools that had signs that read “Whites Only.” I remember the old black and white news films in 1957 of nine students trying to integrate Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas. I remember our church youth group going into Chicago in the early 1960s to march or take part in civil rights rallies.

Much has changed since those days.

However, I never thought I would be around to watch a man of mixed race take the oath of office for President of the United States. I just never thought our country would reach that point in my lifetime. I still am amazed that he was elected.

I can’t say that I agree with everything Mr. Obama pledged and promised during his campaign. I am reserving the right to judge him on his successes and failures … and he will have them as has every President before him. But he is smart and well spoken. He has been prudent in selecting his staff. I believe he is a good man and wants to lead well.

Come Wednesday morning he will hit the ground running and a completely new era will be upon us.

Welcome, Mr. President! Bring it on; we are looking forward and are anxious to follow your lead.

—Susan Marshall

Last modified Jan. 21, 2009