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We thank you one more time

Memorial Day weekend is behind us for another year. The rain messed with several activities on tap for the weekend, and it is likely that a couple of groups hoping to make a few dollars were disappointed.

However, some nice events took place, and I noticed that once again there was a good showing by local volunteers to make the Memorial Day weekend activities successful for those taking part. I know it is always treacherous to start thanking people because often someone is left out and is hurt by the lack of recognition. There is one group, though, that needs praise for good service, and that group contributed quite a bit to the community this past weekend.

I have been quick in the past to hold their young feet to the fire when vandalism and poor behavior have been front and center. So it is only fair that I share their good-natured help and cooperation when it supports our community activities.

Friday evening, American Legion members were planning to hang flags at Prairie Lawn Cemetery for the annual display of the Avenue of Flags. They were to start at 6 p.m. I thought if I waited 30 or 45 minutes and then went out to the cemetery for a picture, I could get a shot with some flags flying in the foreground while the guys worked to hang more flags in the background. I was thinking kind of an artsy shot, you know? When I got to the cemetery a little before 7 p.m., I met young volunteers leaving, headed back to town. They were finished. The poles, nameplates, and flags all were ready to go. Thanks to Peabody-Burns High School football coach David Pickens and his young team members. Thanks also to individuals, both young and not so young, who showed up to help with the work.

On Memorial Day, young men and women from Peabody Boy and Girl Scout troops shared the traditional flag ceremony at Prairie Lawn Cemetery in honor of those who served and sacrificed to preserve our freedoms. Students in the Peabody-Burns High School band also volunteered their time to provide appropriate music for the annual ceremony honoring our veterans. Thank you to those young people and their adult leaders for their participation on Monday.

One 2015 PBHS graduate even spent time in the rain Saturday evening on a lonely mission, singlehandedly removing debris and trash from the storm drains at the south end of the city in an effort to prevent flooding in that area.

How about that? I am happy to thank each of the youngsters who helped us pull off another successful Memorial Day weekend. If I missed the participation of some, I am sorry. Even without my acknowledgement, if you helped make the event a success, everyone who attended has some appreciation for the end result.

Thank you volunteers. You make this a great place to call home.

—susan marshall

Last modified May 28, 2015