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Warriors finish third at Marion

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Two wins and one loss gave the PBHS Warriors a third-place finish at the Marion Classic Tournament last week.

The team rolled over Oxford, 53-13, in round-one competition, but a 53-36 second-round loss to Berean Academy put the team in competition for third place.

PBHS triumphed over Remington in game three, 59-28, and the Warriors earned a third-place victory in the tournament.

Next up for the team is a trip to Burrton and a matchup with Wichita Home School.

Oxford game

The PBHS offensive attack in the first quarter was too much for the Oxford squad. The Warriors led 19-9 at the end of the quarter. Martin Hofkamp paced the team with six points. Jacob Simmonds had five. Aaron Topham scored three. Storm Pickens and Sean Jones added two each and Isaac Burnett had a free throw.

PBHS offense slowed in the second by design, but defense held Oxford scoreless. The Warriors led 29-9 at the half. Pickens, Jones, Simmonds, Hofkamp, and Burnett shared the scoring with two points each.

The Warriors had another big quarter of offense in the third quarter and added 18 points to the scoreboard. PBHS defense again held Oxford scoreless and PBHS led 47-9 at the end of the third period.

Jones led the quarter with seven. Brian O’Neal and Topham each added four and Simmonds had three.

Simmonds added four in the fourth and Hofkamp added two. Oxford added four. PBHS took a big first-round win, 53-13.

Simmonds had 14 points, Jones 11, Hofkamp 10, Topham 7, Pickens and O’Neal 4 each, and Burnett 3.

Berean game

The first-quarter scoring advantage went to Berean, 13-10. Simmonds had four for PBHS and Burnett, Jones, and Topham each had two.

The second quarter also went to Berean. PBHS was held to seven while Berean added 13. The gap at the half was nine, 26-17. Topham had five for PBHS and Pickens added two free throws.

Third-quarter scoring was even for both Warrior teams. With the addition of nine from both squads, the gap remained at nine with Berean in the lead, 35-26, at the end of three quarters.

Free-throw shooting was huge in the fourth. Berean hit 13 points from the line and added a trey and a basket. PBHS added 10. The Warriors lost round two, 53-36. Jones had five in the fourth, Simmonds added three, and Burnett had a basket.

Simmonds had 14 points, Topham 9, Jones 7, Burnett 4, and Pickens 2.

Remington game

PBHS jumped out to an 18-12 advantage in the first period of round three against Remington. Simmonds had 12 points. O’Neal had four and Hofkamp added a basket.

PBHS defense held the Broncos to five points in the second period. PBHS added 18 and took a huge advantage to the locker room at the half. Once again, Simmonds paced the team with 11 points. Topham had a trey. Jones and O’Neal had two each.

The Warriors added 23 points in the second half and coasted to a victory. Simmonds and O’Neal had six each in the half. Pickens had five. Topham, Jones, and Hofkamp each had a basket. PBHS defeated Remington, 59-28.

Simmonds had 29 points, O’Neal 12, Topham and Pickens each had 5, and Jones and Hofkamp had 4 each.

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