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Warriors end game in third quarter on senior night

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Cold weather and a wet field did not slow the Peabody-Burns Warriors Friday. The team rolled to their sixth victory of the season with the defeat of Flint Hills-Rosalia 48-0. Up next, they return home for a senior night match-up against Madison.

The Warrior offense began the contest at its own 27-yard line. Fred Winsor gained 5 on the first two downs. Braxton Kyle called a keeper on third-and-five and advanced the ball to the 40-yard line. Winsor got the call on first-and-10 and sprinted 40 yards to the left side of the endzone. Kyle scored on the 2-point conversion run, and PBHS was up 8-0 with 10 minutes, 27 seconds left in the first quarter.

Kickoff coverage from Vince Newman, Kyle Seeney and Xavier Jabary stopped the Mustangs at their own 24. Defensive tackles from Clayton Philpott, Winsor, Seeney, Kaden Gibson and Colton Terronez forced a net gain of 7 yards and a punt on fourth-and-15 at the 31-yard line.

Kyle had a big first down run from the Warrior 25 to the Mustang 25. The drive seemed stopped at the 17 on fourth-and-2, but Winsor broke left to earn a first down at the Flint Hills 12. Kiefer Larsen got seven on second down to set up first-and-goal at the one. Seeney plunged through the middle for the score. Kyle tacked on 2 with the conversion run. PBHS had the 16-0 lead with 4:39 left in the first.

Defense from Jabary, Philpott, Larsen and Terronez halted the Mustang series with a gain of just 2 yards. Kevin Baatrup returned the Flint Hills punt to the Flint Hills 31.

Winsor took the first down handoff and covered the right side of the field for a touchdown. The conversion pass failed, but Warrior football was in control 22-0.

The Warrior offense made a quick reappearance when the ensuing kickoff was fumbled. PBHS had the ball 22 yards from the opponent’s end zone.

Kyle gained 4 on first down. Larsen ran left for 5. On third-and-1, Winsor earned 8 yards to set up first-and-goal at the Mustang 5. Kyle gained 4 on first down. Winsor got the second down call and scored the one yard touchdown. Winsor also ran the 2 point conversion to the right side of the end zone. With 55 seconds left in the quarter, the Warriors led by 30.

The ball rolled out of bounds on the ensuing kick. Enrique Palazon re-kicked the ball, then downed the return man at the Warrior 38. Defensive stops from Jabary, Kyle and Larsen drove the Mustangs backwards. Baatrup added a sack and the Mustangs punted from their own 35.

The Warrior offense began with a Kyle run to gain a new set of downs. A bad snap set up second-and-14 at the Warrior 36. With blockers out front, Winsor ran to the right side to move the sticks 18 yards to the Mustang 26. Winsor took the first down run to set up first-and-goal at the 7. A Kyle first down run was negated by a block in the back penalty to push the team back to the 17. Another penalty moved the Squad back five more. On first-and-goal at the Flint Hills 22, Philpott picked his way through the right side to the middle of the endzone for the score. The conversion pass did not connect. At 9:09 in the second quarter, PBHS had the 36-0 lead.

Philpott and Dakota Reynolds teamed up for the stop on the next kickoff. Stops from Newman, Terronez, Jabary, Larsen, Philpott, Seeney, Thomas Paquette, and Kyle forced the Mustangs to turn the ball over on downs at midfield.

The PBHS offense faulted on the next series. On fourth-and-12 at the Flint Hills 30, Kyle rushed for 4 yards of the 12 needed. The Warriors turned the ball over on downs.

Again, good pressure from the PBHS defense halted a nine-play effort by the Mustangs. With 38 seconds left in the quarter, the PBHS offense regained control.

Kyle earned a first down on a 13-yard first down gain. A pitch to Winsor on the next play gained 9 yards and set up second-and-1 at the Mustang 28 with 19 seconds left in the first half. The second down pass fell incomplete. On third-and-1, Baatrup earned a first down at the 23 with a 5-yard gain. With .2 seconds left on the clock, Philpott got the 23-yard score. A penalty negated the completed conversion pass score and the following run attempt failed. The Warriors led 42-0 at the half.

The Palazon kickoff was juggled and dropped by the Mustang returner. Seeney fell on the ball and came up with the fumble.

Larsen gained 4 in the middle of the Flint Hills defense. Winsor moved the sticks with a 10-yard carry.

Larsen gained 4 on the first two downs. Kyle added 3 on third down. Due to the 45-point rule, the contest ended with a Winsor rush on a fourth and 3 score from the Mustang 5. PBHS earned the 48-0 victory with 9:15 left on the clock in the third.

Kyle was 1-for-2 passing for 23 yards. He rushed 14 times for 134 yards. Winsor collected 155 yards on 15 runs and scored 4 touchdowns. Larsen had 7 rushes for 18 yards and a score. Philpott scored one touchdown with 1 run of 23 yards.

Jabary led the defense with 6 tackles. Philpot and Terronez followed with five each. Larsen added four and Gibson earned three. Winsor, Seeney, Kyle, and Reynolds each added two. Palazon recorded one stop.

Junior Warriors finish season

Coach Brian Simmonds extended thanks to all of the fans for the 2013 football season.

“We are so grateful that folks come out and watch us,” Simmonds said. “We appreciate the support we get week after week, no matter what the final score.”

Centre built a 52-0 lead before Bryant Young put the Junior Warrior team on the board with a 60 yard kickoff return late in the game.

The Junior Warriors finished the season Thursday with the 52-6 loss to Centre. They had a record of 0-6.

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