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Warrior boys defeat Elyria, Solomon

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The Peabody-Burns High School Warriors boys’ basketball team enjoyed two wins this past week. The team defeated Elyria Christian, 64-23, on Jan 31. Friday, they were victorious over Solomon 61-56. The team will now prepare for a road trip Friday to Goessel.

PBHS 64, Elyria 23

The Eagles opened the scoring with a 2-point basket. Matt Hiebert tied the score with 2 from the line.

Elyria got a free throw and a 2 and led, 5-2, with 5 minutes on the clock in the first quarter. Brody Kyle found Hiebert for an assist, but the Eagles came back with a 2. Hiebert got on the board again with a 2, followed by Seth Topham with a 2 for the 8-7 lead. The Eagles scored another basket, and Hiebert answered with a trey. An Eagle basket tied the game at 11 with 1:32 on the clock. Christian Gard made a 3 for the 14-11 lead. Lucas Larsen added a free throw. Two Eagle free throws came late in the period. PBHS led, 15-13, at the end of the first quarter.

Austin Savage opened the second quarter with a 2. Topham added 2 with a layup and Kyle scored 2 on a rebound put-back. The Warriors’ offense continued to roll with a combined 21 points from Savage, Kyle, Gard, Larsen, Hiebert, and Shaw. The Eagles earned a basket late in the quarter, but Savage ended the half with a trey at the buzzer. PBHS was on top, 45-15. Savage led the quarter scoring with 9. Kyle followed with 8. Hiebert scored 4, and Larsen had 3. Topham, Gard, and Shaw each had 2.

Hunter Pickens got on the board first in the third quarter. With a continuous clock, the Warriors added 11. Xavier Jabary had 4 in the period. Gard, Pickens, and Shaw each had 2. Braxton Kyle added a free throw. Elyria added 6 points. PBHS led, 56-21, at the end of the quarter.

The Warriors added 8 points in the fourth. Tommy Morris scored a trey. Topham and Garret Schroeder each added 2. Pickens scored a free throw. The Eagles added basket. PBHS earned the win, 64-23.


Hiebert, 13; Savage, 9; Brody Kyle, 8; Gard, 7; Larsen, 6; Larsen, 4; Shaw, 4; Jabary, 4; Pickens, 3; Morris, 3; Schroeder, 2; and Braxton Kyle, 1

PBHS 61, Solomon 56

The Gorillas got the first points with 2 from the line and a 2-point basket. Savage closed the gap to 4-3 with a trey but Solomon added 3 more points to lead 7-3 with 3:26 on the clock. Savage stepped to the line for 2 and added 2 more with a layup. Hiebert scored a 2 late in the quarter. PBHS trailed, 11-9, at the end of the period.

Brody Kyle tied the game early in the second quarter. A Gorillas’ free throw and 2-point basket made the margin 14-11 with 6 minutes left in the second. Solomon led by 3 at one point, but PBHS came back to take a 28-27 lead with 22 seconds on the clock. The Gorillas added 1 from the line with 15 seconds on the clock. The contest was even at 28 points at halftime.

Larsen scored 2 to break the tie early in the third quarter. Topham added a trey. Solomon added a 2. PBHS then went on a 13-point run with points from Hiebert, Topham, Pickens, and Savage. The Gorillas added 4 free throws late in the period. PBHS led, 46-34.

Topham and Pickens opened the fourth quarter with 2 each. PBHS added 16 in the quarter. Solomon added 22 and made a run late in the period to get as close as 5, but PBHS held on for the 61-56 win.


Savage, 24; Hiebert, 20; Topham, 9; Pickens, 4; Brody Kyle, 2; Gard, 2

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