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Warmer hands from heartwarming gift

Staff writer

Peabody postal employee Misty Henderson was making her way around the Peabody community doing what she does every day – delivering mail to the 400 households and businesses served by the United States Postal Service on a cold and blustery Jan. 7.

Later that day, Henderson wrote this on her social media page, “I have the coolest customers ever in Peabody. If you don’t know Mackenzie Young, she is a high school girl – a well-raised high school girl!”

Young, a senior at Peabody-Burns High School, had left a small package wrapped in a letter on lined notebook paper attached to the family mailbox. It was a package of Hot Hands Hand Warmers. A picture of the hand warmers accompanied the post on Henderson’s page.

Young said that while she is not always home when Henderson brings the mail, their paths have crossed often enough that they speak.

“She is very friendly and nice,” Young said. “You know, people with jobs like that don’t get recognized a whole lot. She does that job every day no matter what the weather or how she feels. And it has been very cold. I just thought I would let her know that she is appreciated. Letting people know they are appreciated gives me joy.”

The letter Young wrote read, “Mail Lady – because I don’t know your name, I am very sorry. But I know your job is very cold. I wanted to give you something! Thank you for facing the cold every day for us. Mackenzie Young.”

Henderson said that she often has people leave her gifts, cards, notes, or treats, especially this time of year.

“Really, I was shocked how many people in Peabody remembered me this year,” she said. “It’s a great town to work in. But I was even more surprised that someone in high school would think of me. Kids that age are usually more self-absorbed. Mackenzie is a sweet girl and she deserves for people to know what a great kid she is.”

Peabody-Burns High School and Middle School Principal Ken Parry offered additional comments about Young.

“After watching her grow up during my years as principal at the elementary school, I can tell you she has always been that kind of youngster,” he said. “Mackenzie is a very caring individual who accepts people where they are. She is a neat young lady who wants to change the world, starting with her little corner of it.”

“The fact that she thought of the person who delivers the mail doesn’t surprise me a bit,” he said. “Not a bit.”

Last modified Jan. 14, 2015