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Voters find campaign disappointing

Staff writer

Disappointment runs like a common thread through the minds of several county residents when they consider this year’s presidential campaign.

“I wish more positive things the candidates want to bring about were more the focus,” Hillsboro resident Donna Dalke said. “Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t be ‘in your face’ as much.”

Marion resident Martin Bina isn’t impressed with this year’s nominating process.

“Of all the millions of people in this country, we have come down to these two,” Martin Bina said.

One expressed discouragement with media coverage of this year’s campaigns.

“I watch different stations,” Marion resident Neva Hett said. “You get the main ones who are biased toward Hillary and Fox, who’s so biased toward Trump. I’ve never been so torn in an election. I am a Republican, so I usually vote that way. I’ve prayed about this one.”

A Marion voter doesn’t like either candidate.

“I think they’re both liars,” Pam Byer said. “I don’t want to vote for ether one. To not vote is to vote. I want God’s law. I want less government and judge by the 10 commandments.”

Less bashing would be welcome to some voters.

“I think it’s awful,” Marion resident Mike Regnier said. “Only thing it seems to me is, they’re just running each other down.”

This year’s campaign did nothing for another Marion voter.

“I hate all politics, period,” DuWayne Suffield said. “They’re a bunch of crooks anyway.”

More discussion of how candidates would change things would be a good thing in Marion resident Roger Hannaford’s mind.

“My thoughts are, it’s been ugly,” Hannaford said. “What upsets me about the media and the campaigns is, all I hear about is Trump’s women and Hillary’s emails. Nobody’s talking about the policies of the future.”

Last modified Oct. 26, 2016