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Volleyball team loses twice to Little River, places 2nd at Solomon

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The Peabody-Burns High School volleyball team competed at home Tuesday in a dual meet with Little River. The Lady Warriors lost both matches, 19-25, 25-20, and 25-17; and 26-24 and 27-25.

Game one of the first match gave the Lady Warriors an 11-9 edge. Jordan Gibson earned 2 kills and 2 aces in a string of PBHS points and the Lady Warriors were up 18-11. Kaycy Gonzalez earned a kill and late in the game Cierra Foth added 2 aces for the win, 25-19.

Little River took the early 3-0 advantage before PBHS got on the board 4-2. Brianna Larsen and Gonzalez added kills and Katy Benson served an ace. PBHS led 6-5. Gonzalez added a kill and Larsen got a block, giving the Lady Warriors an 8-5 edge. Little River rallied and came back to tie the game at 14. Late in the game, PBHS trailed 22-19. Gonzalez added a kill to get within two, 22-20. The Redskins had the last 3 points in the game, including 2 aces.

The Lady Warriors played from behind throughout game 3. Aces from Foth, Gonzalez and Larsen helped at 16-12, but the team could not overcome the slow start. PBHS lost the game 25-17 and the match.

Errors plagued the start of game one of the second match, with PBHS down 6-1. Gonzalez got a kill for a point. Kills from Gibson cut the deficit to 10-8. Larsen earned a kill and Foth and Alyssa Brooks got the team to within one, 19-18. A kill from Gibson tied the game at 19, and Benson’s net play earned the go-ahead point. Brooks earned another kill and PBHS led 21-19. Benson got a kill for the 24-23 edge. Little River came back to scores the final points of the game. PBHS lost 26-24.

A Gonzalez kill evened the early score of game two at 2. A Brooks kill gave the team the 4-2 edge. Benson had a kill and PBHS built a 13-6 lead with aces from Brooks and a kill from Gibson. Gonzalez had three kills late in the match, and PBHS led 21-15. Little River rallied to come within one, 21-20. The Lady Warriors added several points due to Redskins errors for the 24-22 lead. At 25 all, Little River claimed the final 2 points of the game, 27-25.

Solomon tournament

The Lady Warriors placed second in the Solomon tournament Saturday with four wins and two losses. In pool play, PBHS defeated Tescott 25-21 and 25-19, Solomon 25-19 and 25-14, Wakefield 25-16 and 25-19 and Elyria Christian 25-20 and 25-19, but lost to Inman, 25-13, 23-25, and 26-24. In the championship match, the Lady Warriors lost 25-15 and 25-17.


Katy Benson opened game one with a tip. Rylie McDowell scored an ace and Benson added another tip. PBHS led 4-3. Points were scored by Alex Lewis, Benson, Andrea Garcia, Brianna Larsen and Kaycy Gonzalez to build an 18-9 lead.

Gonzalez ended game one with a kill, 25-21.

Game-two early points came from 3 Gonzalez kills and 2 Cierra Foth aces. PBHS led 10-4. Garcia and Benson each served aces and Benson racked up 3 kills and a block with Lewis late in the game. Gonzalez scored the final point of the game 25-19.


Gonzalez and Larsen had kills early to keep game one close 7-6. Inman then built a lead with the last PBHS earned point from Benson, 16-12. The Lady Warriors lost 25-13.

Larsen opened game two with a kill. Gonzalez added a kill and a tip and Lewis had a kill. PBHS trailed 6-5.

Several errors helped keep the game close. Benson, Foth and Garcia served aces and Larsen got a kill to get the Lady Warriors to within one 23-22. Garcia added 2 aces for the lead at 24-23. PBHS got the final point of the game for the win 25-23.

Benson opened with an ace in game three. PBHS took the 5-1 lead with a Christa Elliot tip, a Gonzalez kill and a McDowell ace. Foth had a tip that helped the PBHS squad to a 10-7 advantage. Garcia added a kill and an ace and Gonzalez had a kill. McDowell served an ace and Benson added a kill.

The Lady Warriors led 17-11. Elliott and Gonzalez teamed up for a block. Garcia, Foth, Benson and Lewis each scored points but Inman came back to tie the game 24-24. Inman added the final two points. The Lady Warriors lost game three, 24-26.


Elliott opened game one with a tip. Gonzalez got two kills. Foth and Garcia added aces to build an 11-8 lead.

Solomon errors helped PBHS along with kills from Garcia and Lewis. The Lady Warriors won 25-19.

PBHS had the early 12-2 lead with kills from Gonzalez and aces from Foth. Benson, Lewis and Gonzalez added kills and Benson served an ace in the 25-15 victory.


Aces from McDowell, Foth and Benson along with kills from Gonzalez, Benson, and Alyssa Brooks helped the squad to a game one 23-15 edge. Foth scored point 24 on a tip and Brooks ended the game with an ace, 25-16.

Wakefield jumped out to a 4-1 advantage over the PBHS squad in the next game. A Gonzalez ace tied the score at 6. A Brooks kill and Gonzalez ace gave the Lady Warriors the 9-6 edge. PBHS remained in the lead despite a rally that closed the gap to 19-18. Elliot, Benson Brooks and Gonzalez each scored points late in the game for the 25-19 win.

Elyria Christian

Gonzalez opened the game with 2 kills to help the PBHS squad to a 3-0 advantage. Elyria came back to within one point at 9-8 but the Lady Warriors remained in the lead with points from Benson tips, aces from Garcia and Brooks and kills from Elliott and Gonzalez. PBHS earned the win 25-20.

A Lewis kill gave PBHS the early lead the next game, but Elyria came back to take the edge, 7-5. Kills from Garcia and a tip from Benson tied the game at 8. Elyria took the lead once more but Gonzalez, Garcia and Benson scored points for the 23-19 lead. McDowell served an ace for the 24-19 lead. PBHS claimed the last point of the game for the 25-19 win.

Championship game

PBHS led 6-2 early in game one with kills from Gonzalez and an ace from McDowell. Inman rallied and PBHS trailed 15-11. The Lady Warriors only scored 4 more points in the match, including a tip from Benson, 2 kills from Gonzalez and an ace from McDowell. PBHS lost game one 25-15.

Despite kills from Gonzalez, and Benson and an ace from Brooks, Inman built the 11-8 lead over PBHS. The Lady Warriors did not get any closer but Elliott, Gonzalez, and Lewis did record points in the match. The Lady Warriors lost 25-17.


Gonzalez: 1 ace, 49 kills, 6 blocks, 26 digs.

Garcia: 4 aces, 4 kills, 1 block, 34 digs.

Benson: 12 aces, 18 kills, 5 blocks, 50 assists, 21 digs.

Brooks: 4 kills, 3 blocks, 2 assists, 20 digs.

Elliott: 7 kills, 2 blocks, 3 digs.

Larsen: 6 kills, 4 digs.

Foth: 7 aces, 16 assists, 10 digs.

McDowell: 3 aces, 8 digs.

Lewis: 8 kills, 7 blocks, 1 dig.

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