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Vehicle fire causes herbicide spill in Ramona

A boom sprayer owned by Agri-Producers Inc. spilled a mixture of herbicides in a parking lot in Ramona after its brakes caught fire Saturday morning.

According to Marion County Sheriff’s office, when the fire started, the driver pulled into a parking lot at the intersection of 360th Road and B Street. The fire melted through a hose, leading to the spill.

The sprayer contained a mixture of herbicides, including 2,4-Dichlorophenxyacetic acid and glyphosate, better known as 2,4-D and Roundup, respectively. Agri-Producers estimated there were 75 or fewer gallons of the mixture in the sprayer before the spill. The chemicals have no long-term effects and are biodegradable, the sheriff’s department reported.

Ramona and Tampa fire departments responded to the spill. They spread absorbent material and built an earthen berm to contain the spill.

Emergency Management Department, Health Department, and Kansas Department of Health and Environment were notified of the spill.

There were no injuries.

Last modified May 4, 2011