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Vandal demolishes 50 road signs

A vandal damaged 50 Marion County road signs Jan. 24, according to an offense report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.

A suspect also drove through two road-closed gates. The damage started about 5 p.m. and lasted until about 2 a.m., the report said. The report also alleges possession of less than $500 of stolen property.

The cost to replace the signs was about $2,867. According to Kansas statute 21-3720, criminal damage to property is a felony if property damage is at least $1,000.

Nine stop signs were among the broken signs, Road and Bridge Superintendent John Summerville said. It can be dangerous, and people need to consider the consequences of their actions, he added.

Summerville said he heard of a fatal accident in Harvey County after a stop sign was knocked down.

“It’s a bad practice, and you’re liable to get somebody killed,” Summerville said.

Road and bridge employees must replace a broken stop sign immediately when one is reported, regardless of time.

Last modified March 5, 2009