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VALEDICTORIANS: Centre High School

Class Valedictorians and “Highest Honors” students of the high schools in Marion County were asked the questions: 1. What do you plan to be doing this summer and fall after you graduate? If you are planning on attending college, do you have a major picked out? 2. Look 10 years down the road—where would you like to be? What would you like to be doing? 3. What is the best “life lesson” or advice you have gotten in high school that you are going to take with you to use in the future. Here are the responses received.

Centre High School

Nellie Kassebaum

1. I’m planning on working and doing some traveling this summer.  In August, I will be moving to Lawrence to start my life at KU.  I am a member of the Honors Program there and will explore my major options.

2. In 10 years, I would like to be working in an urban area and enjoying my job.  I hope to be surrounded by kind people and traveling often.

3. The best piece of advice I will be taking with me is that blue skies are coming.

Justin Bina

1. This summer I plan to work for my Dad and Grandpa on their farms.  Next fall, I will attend Kansas State University.  I am undecided on my major. 

2. I would like to be married and be starting a family.  I’d like to hold a job that keeps me comfortable financially.

3. “Don’t be a dreamer.  Do what it takes to make those dreams come true.”

Shelby Makovec

1. I plan on having a summer job and enjoying my last summer before college.  I am attending McPherson College, studying physical education & playing basketball.

2. I would like to be living in a suburb of a city in Kansas, raising a family and pursuing the career of an occupational therapist.

3. I am taking the life lesson of enjoying the little things in life because in the end, those will be the happiest moments of your life.

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