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Truck takes minor beating after not beating train

Staff writer

Speeding up to beat a train at an unguarded rural crossing isn’t a great idea, as 48-year-old Tobias L. Mosiman found out last Wednesday.

Mosiman, who lives half a mile away on the other side of Quail Creek Rd. from a crossing on 170th Rd., was driving east at 4:35 p.m. when at the last minute he noticed a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train approaching from the right.

According to a report filed by deputy sheriff Kaylan Miles, Mosiman attempted to speed up to avoid the train but hit a patch of loose gravel, causing tires on his 2021 Chevrolet Colorado pickup to spin.

Mosiman almost made it through the crossing, but the train hit his pickup, prompting a massive response from emergency workers.

Marion and Hillsboro ambulances, Marion firefighters, and Marion rescue squad members all were dispatched to the scene along with multiple deputies.

Switching to a special radio talkgroup to coordinate their efforts, they worried about not knowing how many victims might have been in the truck.

Some opted to approach from the east, others from the west to ensure prompt access regardless of how the wreck occurred and whether the train might be blocking traffic.

First on the scene, according to monitored transmissions, were deputies Aaron Christner and James Philpott, who normally handle investigations and jail work.

Moments after they arrived, Philpott radioed for most responding units to stand down.

There was only one victim, Philpott informed them, and he was walking around.

When firefighters replied that they still would come, just to be safe, Philpott added: “The only damage we have on the vehicle is a broken taillight.”

Despite its massive momentum, the train, traveling just 24 mph, had barely clipped the left rear of the pickup, which literally had been driven to within an inch of safety.

Mosiman was uninjured and able to drive the truck from the scene.

Miles blamed the accident on inattentive driving by Mosiman but issued no citations.

The train was being operated by Justin C. Murray, 34, and Austin M. Seely, also 34, of Kansas City, Kansas.

Last modified Sept. 1, 2021