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Trail stop nets $10,000 donation

Ramona Fire Department
receives $15,000

Staff writer

Tampa Trail Stop received a financial boost last week in the form of a $10,000 donation from Diamond Vista owner Enel Green Power.

The shop has around $5,000 in gross sales most months, so the donation makes a sizable difference, said trail stop governing board member and Diamond Vista company liaison David Mueller.

“That kind of investment makes a huge difference in covering our costs,” he said. “Our help is all volunteers so that goes a long way.”

The investment will help ensure the business stays open for residents like Dee Duggan, who uses the trail shop frequently.

“It helps me significantly because I can’t lift anything heavy,” she said.

The business’ governing board will decide how to spend the money, Mueller said.

“It’s not just a check that will go into the checking account,” he said. “It’s something that gets used to make an impact on the community.”

Ramona Fire Department, which received $15,000 from Enel, didn’t have to search far for a way to use the funds, fire chief Nathan Brunner said.

The department plans to use the donation to help match funding toward grants for a new building or water storage facility, he said.

“We so many needs and have so little funding as it is that we have several options it could go toward,” Brunner said. “We’re in great hopes it’s going to go toward a building in the future. It’s not a lot toward a building, but it’s something.”

Enel contributed $69,000 that was split between several organizations, so the combined $25,000 donated to Marion County beneficiaries represents more than a third of Enel’s donations within Kansas.

Last modified April 23, 2020