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Traffic division

The following information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Daniel R. Asbill, speed; $135.

Tyler L. Barber, speed; $140.

Beatriz A. Beltranbarri, driving on closed road and violation of motor carrier safety rules; $225.

Adam E. Black, two violations of motor carrier safety rules; $275.

Kevin D. Carter, unlawful registration; $85.

Jennifer L. Contreras, speed; $105.

Dillon L. Cooper, speed; $160.

Jonathan R. Ditson, speed; $123.

Christopher M.E. Duntz, speed; $141.

Chad Ensz, improper passing on right; $135.

Tracy W. Eustace, speed; $201.

Larry G. Heidel, speed; $116.

Mark E. Janssen, violation of motor carrier safety rules; $175.

Robert A. Kurtz, speed; $141.

Clyde T. Large, speed; $105.

Andrew J. Lowe, transporting an open container; $225.

Dion C. Marshall, speed; $114.

Trevor W. McAdoo, speed; $147.

Logan D. McCoy, speed; $135.

Darby D. McCord, speed; $105.

Melissa E. Miller, speed; $147.

Zachary J. Molgren, speed; $153.

Antonio G. Munoz, speed; $135.

Heather B. Naylor, speed; $140.

Mary K. Ozment, speed; $156.

Arturo R. Perez, speed; $170.

Jalissa R. Peterson, speed; $130.

Anthony M.O. Ralston, speed; $105.

Teresa L. Rogers, speed; $105.

Tiffany K. Rose, speed; $116.

Octavio Silero-Valzquez, speed; $155.

Kimberly J. Stahl, speed; $135.

Shawn A. Stilley, speed; $135.

Jordan D. Strom, speed; $141.

Cindy L. Stucky, speed; $105.

Juan J. Vela-Gonzalez, speed; $176.

Lindsay M. Welch, speed; $135.

Nickolas J. Welch, speed; $147.

Heather M. Williams, speed; $123.

K. Loh Wisdom, speed; $135.

Todd A. Yager, speed; 146.

Kyle Yonke, speed; $201.

Last modified Aug. 6, 2009