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division cases

This information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Wilbert J. Bartel, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Bryan A. Berry, speed; $192.

Sirvata T. Bryant, speed and no registration or liability insurance; $327.

Benjamin G. Costello, speed; $270.50.

Amanda K. Fayette, speed; $156.50.

Sarah E. Fischer, speed; $225.50.

Joanne L. Fulton, speed; $192.50.

Joshua A. Garrett, speed; $156.50.

Adrian G. Ghisolu, speed; $192.50.

Faye D.A. Gillespie, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Nicholas H. Gordon, violation of motor carrier safety rules and regulations; $193.

James Edwin Grisham, speed; $257.

Daric Matthew Guimary, speed; $243.50.

Tarik A. Harb, speed; $198.50.

Christina Holland, speed and driving on left in no-passing zone; $273.50.

Benjamin A. Kleine, no registration; $103.50.

Bonnie B. Kraus, speed; $180.50.

Layne S. Kreter, speed; $186.50.

Bonnie S. Mendoza, speed and no registration; $196.50.

Claude E. Moore, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Hector R. Mosqueda Jr., speed; $174.50.

Monica A. Mosqueda, speed; $174.50.

Grant J. Phares, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Dustin Lawrence Phelps, speed; $303.50.

Lyle D. Reich, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Michael C. Richardson, speed; $380.

Howard A. Rigg Jr., speed; $186.50.

Cynthia S. Schlitter, speed; $192.50.

Jamie Stone, speed; $174.50.

Juli Rene Wedel, failure to yield at stop or yield sign; $168.50.

Ronald K. Young Jr., speed; $173.

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