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division cases

This information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Hector Bencomo, driving while license suspended; $343.50.

Shanna M. Bissell, speed; $168.50.

James H. Bolding II, speed; $162.50.

Timothy Contreras, speed; $186.50.

Sady Dul, speed; $174.50.

Taylor M. England, following another vehicle too closely; $168.50.

Bart R. Fallis, speed; $261.50.

Kelli JoAnn Friedel, speed; $168.50.

Robert A. Gilkey, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Juanita Heitfield, speed; $162.

Jose J. Hernandez, speed; $156.50.

Howard R. Hess, failure to yield at stop or yield sign; $168.50.

Maura H. Hoffman, speed; $168.50.

Jeramee V. Holencik, speed; $255.50.

David A. Inglee, speed; $174.50.

Timothy M. Jacksics, speed; $186.50.

Cody W. Jantz, speed; $153.50.

Denette A. Lamb, speed; $156.50.

Elanor B. Loewen, speed; $198.50.

Wayman N. McCorkle, speed; $156.50.

Gordon J. Muir II, speed; $255.50.

Brian E. Outley, defective tail lamp on vehicle; $138.50.

Cody J.W. Parks, speed; $171.50.

Delbert B. Peters, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Gary W. Rapp, speed; $174.50.

Adam D. Regnier, speed; $243.50.

Jared W. Rogers, speed; $168.50.

Adam J. Samaritoni, speed and failure to use turn signal; $197.50.

Elaine S. Schmidt, speed; $138.50.

James L. Seppala II, speed; $174.50.

Rachel C. Stark, speed; $198.50.

Christian Steineger, speed; $186.50.

Joseph J. Tucker, transporting an open container; $243.50.

Jonathon E. Vogel, speed and failure to wear seatbelt; $179.50.

Steven R. Welton, speed; $162.50.

Tara N. Wilhelm, defective tail lamp on vehicle; $138.50.

Michael D. Williams, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

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