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division cases

This information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Steven Antoszyk, unauthorized lights and signals and violation of one-way glass and sun screening devices; $188.50.

Tyler D. Becker, speed; $156.50.

Christopher L. Britt, speed; $219.50.

Jackie K. Crofoot, speed and violation of child passenger safety regulations; $222.50.

Weston M. Defoor, speed; $216.50

Matthew W. Ehlinger, speed; $174.50.

Kassidy A. Glazner, speed; $162.50.

Charles W. Hill, speed and failure to wear seatbelt; $276.50.

Scott L. Krous, speed; $162.50.

Eric A. Money, speed; $156.50.

George Muzaic, speed; $252.50.

Michael D. Penner, unlawful vehicle registration; $180.

Marshall R. Rister, violation of motor carrier safety rules and regulations; $168.50.

Christain P. Rodriguez, speed; $180.50.

Gutierrez Miguel Segura, speed and driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked; $409.50.

Last modified Aug. 19, 2010