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division cases

This information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

Paige N. Booton, speed; $174.50.

Joshua J. Buckner, improper brake light or turn signal; $138.50.

Brandon T. Butters, speed; $156.50.

Randy R. Carlson, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Lindsey Lee Conway, speed; $138.50.

Jude S. Cooke, speed; $261.50.

Courtney B. Coufal, speed; $168.50.

Diane E. Enix, speed; $192.50.

Eugene S. Fields III, speed; $168.50.

Janice M. Gerber, speed; $174.50.

Roy L. Griffith, failure to wear seatbelt; $81.50.

Jeremy A. Henrich, driving while license canceled, suspended, or revoked; $851.

Ferlin D. Kearns, speed; $168.50.

Margaret N. Le, speed; $138.50.

William T. Ledford, speed; $144.50.

Herman M. Magill, speed; $186.50.

Cori M. Mesek, speed; $192.50.

Tony L. Nash, speed; $210.

Virdal Nash, speed; $207.50.

Kirstyn D. Pracht, speed; $156.50.

Shaun E. Ridder, speed; $192.50.

Brunshae E. Rivers, speed; $156.50.

William A. Rohner, speed; $216.50.

Robert A. Shipman, speed; $163.50.

Elaine K. Suderman, speed; $192.

Sandhu Sukhmander, improper U-turn; $153.50.

Matthew R. Tatro, speed; $168.50.

Dale E. Vogel, speed; $207.50.

Robert R. Walker, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Michelle L. Watson, speed; $156.50.

Danette F. Whiteley, speed; $180.50.

Betty A. Wirt, speed; $154.

Christopher R. Young, failure to wear seatbelt; $5.

Last modified Dec. 16, 2010