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division cases

The following information has been filed in traffic division of Marion County District Court. Dollar amounts are fine and costs:

John L. Dye, speed; $135.

Ethan L. Frantz, violation of child passenger safety; restraining systems and seat belts; $66.

Kenneth W. Giesbrecht, speed; $105.

Alan D. Gow, speed; $105.

James M. Happy, speed; $219.

Denise L. Matz, speed; $135.

Alex L. Nuss, speed; $105.

Edilberto Rodriguez, speed; $129.

Brian N. Schwartz, speed; $105.

Robert L. Stevens, speed; $135.

Christian C. Thompson, violation of motor carrier safety rules and regulations; $175.

Courtney D. Waddell, speed; $110.

Kimm L. Washburn, speed; $129.

Last modified June 25, 2009